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"Spring Wattle" By Cindy Watkins


Spring in Tasmania is always awash in the bright yellow blooms of the wattle trees.

It is one of my favorite times of year. It’s the hope and light it brings as you move out of the depths of winter. With spring and the flowering of the native plants comes the bold Wattle Bird. They often visit our Tasmanian Waratah tree in our back yard.

A couple of years back the wattles where ravaged by an little green beetle. They consumed vast forests of wattle and devastated many trees that I thought where dead for sure. But the forest is an amazing thing. It provided for me proof that they are all connected and supporting each other. The following year the wattles did not bloom. This included the healthy ones too. So my Golden Valley home was not golden that year. I believe that the trees where directing their resources to supporting their fellow injured trees. This year the colour was back. Still not at full force but with come colour. Quite a few of the trees I thought dead are recovering.

Each of my textile artworks holds within it's fibers the essence of the Tasmanian Rain forest that grows on my property at Golden Valley. The silk used in each work is hand dyed with the gum leaves collected from the forest floor.
The trees are lovingly free style stitched on my sewing machine by hand making each and every one unique. The background is 100% cotton fabric. The work is ready to hang on your wall, signed, given a number and a certificate.
Each work is unique. I do not use a computerized sewing machine.

This work is stitched on silk and linen with cotton thread.

80cm x 80cm

I donate $2 for every tree stitched and sold to Landcare Tasmania

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