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Green trees and button grass


“Green trees and button grass” is part of an art project called 5000 Trees. This work was inspired by the book The Hidden Life of Trees.
Each of my textile artworks holds within it's fibers the essence of the Tasmanian rainforest that grows on my property at Golden Valley. The silk used in each work is hand dyed with the gum leaves collected from the forest floor.
The trees are lovingly freestyle stitched on my sewing machine by hand making each and every one unique. The background is 100% cotton fabric. The work is ready to hang on your wall, signed, given a number and a certificate.

I donate $2 for every tree stitched and sold to Landcare Tasmania.

Textile Artwork BY Cindy Watkins

Trees number 411 to 424

61 cm x 21cm or 24” x 8.25”

Natural dyed silk and cotton. Freestyle stitched.

If you are from outside of Australia and would like to purchase this item please contact me us to get a quote of freight to your country.

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trees 411 to 424 cindy watkins 1.jpg
trees 411 to 424 cindy watkins.jpg
trees 411 to 424 cimdy watkins 1.jpg
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trees 141 to 424 close cimdy watkins.jpg