5000 Trees Project

Trees are an integral part of our world. They provide for us the air we breath, the homes we live in, they create rain, provide food, shelter and nutrients for many forms of life, warm our homes and they are a thing of beauty. Science has now proven they communicate, nurture, defend and support each other through their root systems. They have symbiotic relationships with fungi, birds, insects and animals. They are part of a very complex system quiet often hidden from the human eye.

The Tree of Life appears and many religions all over the world. Early civilisation understood their significance even without our science.

The 5000 trees project was inspired by the book "The Hidden Life of Trees" By Peter Wohlleben. Cindy has set herself a goal to stitch 5000 Trees exploring the amazing and complex life of trees.

Cindy wanted a project that gave back to the environment as well so to do this she choose Landcare Tasmania. For every tree Cindy stitches and sells she will donate $2.00 to Landcare Tasmania.

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